Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Evie Moran Reclaims her Power on 'How Do You Like Me Now'

The fourth single from the talented singer-songwriter gives a new edge to Evie Moran’s growing repertoire. It's a bold departure from her previous acoustic-folk releases, 'Dream', 'All My Love', and 'Disconnected' but one that is very welcomed.

'How Do You Like Me Now' pulls elements from more electronic, synth-pop music, and would easily fit in a playlist consisting of Lorde, Pvris, and The XX. Amongst the synth layers, piano droplets, and minimalistic percussion, Moran executes some delicate vocals and haunting harmonies that easily cut through this denser instrumentation.

This new alternative style truly suits Moran's voice and within this lies the core message of the song - make yourself your first priority before others take advantage. Perhaps it's aimed at those who abuse their power or just those who have done her wrong, but either way, Moran is here to make a statement and stand up for herself, “I'm doing the things you said I couldn't do”

'How Do You Like Me Now' allows her to break through into new genres and gain the traction of a brand new audience. It demonstrates just how much potential Moran has - even more impressively at the age of 19 -  as she explores new sounds and techniques, and transforms herself into an eclectic force to reckoned with within the pop scene. She truly is a pop star on the rise.

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

Image: ‘How Do You Like Me Now’ Official Cover

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