Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Brit Pop Meets Indie Rock: Wild Horse and the Ever So Relatable ‘Angels’

Following the release of their previous single, ‘Cougar’ ,Wild Horse are the band that never stops, constantly writing new music. Their hard work continues with the release of their latest single ‘Angels’.

Wild Horse is an indie pop/rock trio from Sussex, South England and consists of brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and their friend since childhood Ed Barnes. They have been creating and playing music since they were teenagers, relentlessly performing in and around England, directing new music videos and creating anything they can to entertain.

‘Angels,’  a concoction of indie rock meets Brit pop, opens with an upbeat guitar, picking at strings that sound like the sunrise on a summer’s day alongside harmonious vocals. Wild Horse instantly builds up a feeling of positivity and optimism, the light-heartedness from the get-go draws in the listener and induces a toe-tapping frenzy and an almost calming feeling. 

However, this is a false pretence, Wild Horse showcase their excellent storytelling abilities by inserting an abrupt yet brief pause, breaking up the pace of the song and a change in attitude shown through the lyrics “Caught up in the moment every time we touch…you’ve just got me fucked up.”

Though still sounding relatively positive in the tune itself, the lyrical content crashes the illusion of positivity,  ‘Angels’ is actually a reflection of a toxic relationship, despite knowing how bad it is for both parties involved. Wild Horse excellently uses juxtaposition to convey this addictive cycle, making for a highly relatable track. 

Melancholy meets sheer positivity. Heart-wrenching but catchy-as-fuck. Wild Horse has constructed a vivid story driven by confused emotions. ‘Angels’ is a must-listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Angels’ Official Single Cover

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