Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Gorillaz Stir Excitement For Their Upcoming Album With Single ‘Silent Running’ Featuring Adeleye Omotayo

Gorillaz continues to raise the anticipation for their highly anticipated album 'Cracker Island' with the launch of their new single ‘Silent Running’ featuring Adeleye Omotayo. Having trademarked their iconic visual style through their virtual characters, animations and platforms, listeners can immerse themselves in the single with the accompanying dystopian and gothic chic music video.

Silent Running’  tells the story of sacrifice and suffering within romance, which is amplified by the synth-pop landscape established by the relaxed tempo. Adopting the alternative and artistic lens predicated by Gorillaz, the track fulfils the colourful and innovative expectations surrounding the band and their virtual discography.

The repeated “Run” sentiment of the chorus adds to the chanting visuals of the cult music video, which captivates the narrative development of the romance and manipulation entrenched within the lyrics. Concepts of self-destruction are heightened in the bridge's utterance “I’m silent running / Here we go / Searching for gold”, contributing to their dissatisfaction and emotional spiralling as the relationship and they themselves begin to break down.  

Adeleye Omotayo’s soulful vocals perfectly compliment the earnest vocals of Gorillaz frontman 2-D to make the single hold a futuristic techno edge with a contemporary warming energy.

Silent Running’ features in Gorillaz’s teased eighth album 'Cracker Island', which will be released on 24 February 2023. Themes of addiction and self-demise have been echoed in ‘Silent Running’ and further single releases, including ‘New Gold’, and will be a key underlining theme defining the album. Featuring artists set to appear include Stevie NicksThundercatTame Impala, and Bootie Brown.


Alanya Smith


Image: ‘Silent Running’ Official Single Cover


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