Monday, February 20, 2023

Coach Party’s latest offering raises the roof

Rising Isle of Wight quartet, Coach Party, have released a blistering new single called ‘Micro Aggression’, which has hit the ground running with fans up and down the country and beyond. 

The band released their debut album ‘Lola’ in 2019 and have since gone on to make further records and numerous performances across the UK. 

Their latest offering is likely to be a must-see in terms of live shows as it’s sure to be a scorching performance by the four-piece when they tour later this year.  

The track is just over two and a half minutes long and begins with the twanging of an electric guitar before the drums and vocals enter in unison. The first line of the song ‘’Here lies a part of me that has died / Always told to play nice’’ reiterates the notion that nice guys finish last.  

This thematic core of the first verse continues until the chorus kicks into gear and the track is elevated melodically. A brief pause before the chorus hits also adds a bit of suspense and subtlety to the single. There is then a softer and psychedelic bridge that follows the first chorus, in which the lead singer repeats the lyrics “I won’t allow it anymore, anymore’’ until the song reaches an interlude before eventually returning to the melodic structure of the first verse.

The record reaches an abrupt conclusion after the core point of the track has been repeated in the outro. The meaning of a song is always open to interpretation, but there is a clear message in the lyrics of ‘Micro Aggression’ that you shouldn’t let people push you for more than you’re prepared to give.  

The band will soon be embarking on their European tour with trips to Ireland and The Netherlands on the horizon.  


Antony Bailey


Image: Official 'Micro Aggression' single cover



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