Thursday, February 16, 2023

Angelina Luzi Proves A Deft Touch Is Often The Best On Latest Single ‘Silent Moon’

Angelina Luzi has an extensive musical background. Born in Italy but now based in London, the singer has already completed a degree in music from Goldsmiths University, whilst her varied performance list includes sets at Glastonbury and the London Jazz Festival. 

It’s this background that has seen Luzi produce some of the more intriguing tracks since she released her debut single, ‘Beast’ in 2021. Now, she’s back with the exceptional ‘Silent Moon’. 

 The sparse opening, where only limited acoustic guitar can be heard on top of an ethereal but light backdrop of distant synths, gives the track an immediate feel of a lullaby. Yet, the crisp vocals provided by Luzi seem at odds with this flowing and graceful soundtrack, but this only emphasises her impressive musical-esque delivery. 

“I sing to the silent moon / whispering delicate words of tiring travels” Luzi croons, as she elongates her words to drastically change the feel of the song in one quick swoop. The “Oh la la’s” finally acknowledge the change in ‘Silent Moon’ from an understated rhyme a mother could sing to their cradled child, to a grove-laden up-tempo pop song. The addition of rolling bass lines and dynamic drums only add to this change in tempo and feel on the second verse. 

The real beauty in ‘Silent Moon’ comes from the fact that Luzi can use, what is quite clear to anyone that listens, her supreme musical brain to subtly change the direction the track goes in. It almost happens without you noticing, as she changes the emphasis so masterfully that the song doesn’t jar from one vibe to another, but instead glides through the genres like a bird glides over a stormy sea. Luzi clearly has what it takes to become a household name, people just need to listen. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Silent Moon’ Official Single Cover 

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