Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Seb Wildblood teases fans with new single ‘re-location.zip’

If you are unaware of who Seb Wildblood is, there is a quick remedy to that – go check out his latest single ‘re-location.zip’, which was released on 11th January.

With most cutting-edge DJs, Spotify doesn’t usually do them much justice. Rather, you have to delve into a three-minute mix to get a good indication of what they’re about (which is by no means a problem). However, this is not the case with Wildblood, which is a testament to his releases as a producer, and how they can be taken on their own merit. This single is no different!

As ever with his productions, this track draws on the transportable. In its range, expect to hear a combination of cutting breaks, melodic house, and ambient electro – which makes it suitable for both sunrise tracklists and club anthems.

Following the release of ‘floor science’ in November, ‘re-location.zip’ is the second single showcased on a potential LP. The title may refer to how he recently moved from London to Los Angeles, and perhaps how he is touching on new styles and boundaries. The lack of caps in the title indicates the unassuming nature of the single.

The drums have a 90s composition feel to it, almost as if you are replaying those nostalgic shoots of youth. Parts of it feel primed to be in the ‘Trainspotting’ score. However, there is also this modified or updated feeling to the backing track, which signals a degree of presence in the now, and a need to take in what’s unfolding in front of you. The synth cries out on repeat to its audience, like a beacon signalling to its citizens.

The track is accepting in this lost hour without the need for self-promotion, and there is certainly an ambient sense of wonder and magic throughout. As per the artwork, the single feels like you transcend or have stumbled across a hidden gem of natural beauty without any prior knowledge of its existence – like a waterfall! The artwork also draws on the metaphysical as the 3D dissection of Planet Earth is cut with a soundscape, which is appropriately reflected in the music. All in all, a very warming and floaty, yet techy track, which makes for a reassuring and uplifting listen.

Given the likeability of this release, it is safe to say there is excitement and anticipation for what is to follow from this single, and what will hopefully be an LP!


Matthew Hulse

Image: ‘re-location.zip’ Official Single Cover

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