Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Al Buchanan Releases the Delightfully Odd ‘1998’

Al Buchanan is back with the brand-new single ‘1998’ which is a clear insight into his upcoming album. The track consists of harmonious vocals and an intense nostalgia for the 1990s post-grunge era. However, from the first listen all is not as it seems.

Telling the story of moving cities and meeting new people, Al Buchanan finds an unlikely influence from samba using electronic synths to create syncopated patterns and mixing with groovy melodies that are perfectly highlighted by the vocals that make a light-hearted and enthralling experience.

However, Buchanan then contradicts this samba-like style by using electric guitars, a nifty bassline, and a heavier drumbeat that picks up in pace throughout and especially nearer the end of the track. Creating a blend of alt and indie rock, these three genres may seem like an odd potion, but the payoff makes for a refreshing listen and gives the indie genre a new lease of life.

‘1998’ is a simple yet effective track that oozes indie charm, alt-rock attitude, and all the feel-good of samba. The result is bewitching for the listener putting them into a dream-like trance with a level of eeriness that is hard to put your finger on. A highly addictive track and a must-listen for those seeking a perfect concoction of different genres.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘1998’ Official Album Cover

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