Sunday, January 29, 2023

Grandmas House Remain Unfiltered With New Single ‘Desire’

Bristol-based Grandmas House have released their new single ‘Desire’ and it’s every bit the anarchic anthem you would expect.

Since their debut single ‘Devil’s Advocate’ in 2020 followed by their self titled EP of October 2021 with Brace Yourself Records, this punk trio have stomped their way onto the post-punk scene, supporting the likes of IDLES and TV Priest.

As queer women in music the band draw inspiration from the 90s Riot Grrrl movement, a feminist-driven subculture encouraging more women to get involved and find space in the overwhelmingly male-dominated punk scene, and allows this to steer their sound. 

On their new single Desire Yasmin Berndt, like a Gen Z Kim Gordon, detonates her customary boisterous vocals. The track talks about that itchy feeling of craving someone in particular - “I can feel the crawling/The creatures on my skin”. Infatuation and intimacy combine as Berndt sings “And we’re not strangers anymore/But then I guess we never were”.  

With unapologetic loudness and frantic energy, Berndt takes to the guitar like she does to the mike. At the same time Poppy Dodgson initiates a loud-quiet approach as her steady drumming erupts into raucous grooves and aggressive screams with each chorus. Zoë Zinsmeister ties the track together with a razor-sharp performance on the bass which acts as the post-punk pulse of the track.   

Watch out for Grandmas House’s new EP ‘Who Am I’ out on 3 March!

Maebh Springbett


Image: ‘Desire’ Official Single Cover

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