Tuesday, December 13, 2022

$uicideboy$ Collaborate With Germ On New Single 'My Swisher Sweet, But My Sig Sauer'

Underground Louisana rap duo $uicideboy$ release the first single for their upcoming collaboration EP 'DIRTIESTNASTIEST$UICIDE' with Germ'My Swisher Sweet, But My Sig Sauer'.

$uicideboy$ stick with their usual dark, harsh, devilish style and lyrics on their new song. Old-school Southern hip-hop influence can be heard here, as they sample the vocals of DJ Paul and Lil Gin’s 'Glock In My Draws'. This Memphis hip-hop track by the legendary DJ Paul harmonises greatly with $uicideboy$’ Southern style.

Atlanta rapper Germ's dark voice and delivery also blends well with $uicideboy$' heavy production. His verse on this first collaborative track goes nicely, and he again proves how underrated he is with his rhyming skills.

The song’s energetic and rough instrumental grabs the listener's attention quickly, and $crim and Ruby da Cherry's vocals fit perfectly with the beat as always. Both Germ and $uicideboy$ fans will be excited about the new joint EP, and their expectations will be set very high with this successful first release.  



  Birgül Daş

                                                                                           @6irgul  @acc0rdion

                                                                                          Image: 'My Swisher Sweet, But My Sig Sauer' Official Single Cover


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