Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Nina Nesbitt delights with stunning new video for ‘Need You’ live from Electric Brixton

Cast aside your recollections of Electric Brixton as a sticky London venue and step into Nina Nesbitt’s gloriously fantastical new music video for her track ‘Need You’.

‘Need You’ features on the release of Nesbitt’s deluxe edition of her album 'Älskar', which was released last month.

The track features Zion Foster, a voice that perfectly complements that of Nesbitt; their melodies seamlessly merge with one another.

The song is described by Zion as “a walk through the garden of love. The sky’s lightly spitting, the flowers are dancing with the wind. It’s a mystery you‘re anxious to discover, yet serene, holding you like a baby in the moment”, which is perfectly reflected in the serene beauty of the music video.

A utopia of sound complete with floral ornaments draped over the microphone and purple-hued stage settings, we step into a whimsical new appearance for Electric Brixton and discover what a Nina Nesbitt gig is truly like.

The clips of Nesbitt singing towards a full venue spliced with intimate behind-the-scenes clips give ticket holders and ticket hopefuls an idea of what to expect from a Nina Nesbitt show.

Audience members sing back to her with passion and enthusiasm; it is clear she has created a comforting, and almost romantic, space where she, Zion, and the audience are singing to one another - rather than performing to them. It finishes with a short clip of Nesbitt, with natural lighting, holding her guitar; this ending feels particularly authentic to Nesbitt’s stripped-back musical style and reminds listeners and watchers of the beauty in simplicity.

It is a refreshing take on what constitutes a music video and a step away from the often over-produced story-like videos we often see accompanying popular music today.

Maddie Bridger
Image: ‘Need You’ Official Single Cover

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