Thursday, December 01, 2022

Sam Fender Rocks Finsbury Park With Track ‘Alright’

Following a successful year of dominating charts and award ceremonies alike, singer-songwriter Sam Fender was celebrated for his electric performance at Finsbury Park this simmer.

Although the show was sold out in London, fans can now experience the vibrance of the indie-rockstar’s discography with a live album of the performance, with the track ‘Alright’ shared to tease fans for the upcoming release.

Trademarked by his distinctive storytelling abilities in his lyrics, paired with catchy guitar solos, Sam Fender has been cited as both a heavyweight talent in the music industry and a voice of a new generation of music listeners. His lyricism in articulating feelings of anxiety, grief and optimism has likened him to the early work of Bruce Springsteen, with ‘Alright’ being no exception.

“And I can’t stand the sight of myself / “It’s a generation thing” / Said one of the old boys back in the boozer / On his tenth pint of the day”.

Although a single discussing self-doubt and dissatisfaction could easily fall into the trope of being pessimistic for the future, ‘Alright’ emphasises the optimism which emerges from anxiety by continuously repeating “We’re alright”, acting as a self-esteem anthem for listeners. Though the lyrics detail his “fight” to remind himself of this, the strength of the track lies in its vulnerability to reveal feelings of bitterness towards body image, and the determination to accept himself as someone worthy of love and respect.

The complete album of Sam Fender’s live performance from Finsbury Park will be released on 9 December, including hits ‘Seventeen Going Under’ and ‘Hypersonic Missiles’.


Alanya Smith 


Image: ‘Alright (Live From Finsbury Park)’ Official Single Cover

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