Friday, December 02, 2022


Singer-songwriter JP Saxe has released his latest single ‘The Good Parts.’

In a recent interview with Eryn Cooper, he shares how he’s stayed “true to himself” with his music. In consideration to his new single, Saxe states, “This song is about trying to find the healthy recognition that there can be beautiful parts in a relationship that ends […] you can heal without having to destroy it, and you can also heal without over-romanticizing it.”.

‘The Good Part’ uses an acoustic guitar throughout, enabling a cosy tone. His songs tightly interweave with each other, from ‘If The World Was Ending’, to singing about his emotional breakup in ‘When You Think of Me, to ending with The Good Parts.’ The chorus “Fossilize my heart / Tryna hold on to the good parts / Memorize you in my arms / Tryna hold on to the good parts” shows his maturity from the split and his growth of love and appreciation he has for ex-girlfriend, Julia Michael. His unique lyricism in latest single follows his journey in finding a healthier and stable approach to view a breakup.

JP Saxe made his first performance of ‘The Good Parts’ at the NBC’s Today Show this Monday. His song tells a story about the reality of being in a relationship through his lyrics, “So much of us was perfect / And it’s always what I think about first.” On the show he states that his single is about remembering the relationship and “recognising that there could be beauty in it.”  

Iqra Malik

Image: ‘The Good Parts’ Official Single Cover

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