Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Florence + the Machine Release Live Rendition of ‘Morning Elvis’ Featuring Ethel Cain

In the midst of a UK and beyond tour, Florence + the Machine has released a live edition of their track ‘Morning Elvis’ from the Denver Ball Arena in Colorado, USA. 

Vocally supporting lead singer Florence Welch is alternative indie artist Ethel Cain. Featured as the final single in Florence + The Machine’s latest album release ‘Dance Fever’, ‘Morning Elvis’ is a narrative exploration of songwriter Florence being hungover whilst on tour.

Through explicitly detailing the cancelling of plans to visit Elvis’ Memphis homeland, an implicit insight into the tribulations and pessimism of the music industry and drunken regrets is described to listeners. In echoing the desperation and exhaustion of Elvis’ own career through the lyrics, hyperbolised through the collapsed bathroom imagery, and contrasting the optimistic Graceland landscape, artistry and performance are presented as cumbersome and a challenge to sobriety.

“I told the band to leave without me / I’ll get the next flight / And I’ll see you all with Elvis / If I don’t survive the night”

The melancholy realism soaked within the track’s lyrics is amplified through the distinctive indie imprint recognised from Florence + The Machine, which perfectly pairs with the softness of Ethel Cain’s vocals to reinvent the single as a duet with a soulful twist. Repeatedly chanting “to be spared” at the end of the lyrics instigates a sense of change and improvement from the vulnerable and sensitive content of the lyrics, which is further rejoiced by the backdrop of cheering Colorado fans through the recorded live performance.

Florence + The Machine’s ‘Dance Fever’ album, featuring ‘Morning Elvis’, is live to stream now. Ethel Cain’s album ‘Preacher’s Daughter’ is also available to stream.


Alanya Smith


 Image: ‘Morning Elvis – Live at Denver Ball Arena’ Official Single Cover

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