Thursday, December 22, 2022

Circa Waves Continue Their String Of Excellent Singles With ‘Living In The Grey’

Following on from last month’s release ‘Carry you home’ this latest cut entitled ‘Living In The Grey’ is Circa Waves latest taster track from their upcoming fifth album 'Never Going Under'.  

Having also released two other singles from this forthcoming album ‘Do You Wanna Talk’ and ‘Hell On Earth’ , it seems the Liverpool natives are back with a matured sound and some deep lyrical reflection.  

This latest track features a stunning blend of both synth and strings, creating a subtle atmospheric blend with the orchestral element fleshing out the background of the mix. Lead vocalist Kieran Shudhall croons gently for almost 4 minutes, touching on the feeling of fragility when things are going well, asking the questions of when will it go bad and how long will this good time last?  

When the chorus states “It hurts sometimes / even when the weather’s fine / even when my child smiles / people say it's black and white, but I’m living in the Grey” you understand the melancholy that Shudhall has tapped into throughout the song. Outside forces are often presented as beneficial or detrimental to our mental battles, but as Circa Waves have so eloquently conveyed on their latest outing, you can never truly know what is going on inside people’s minds. 

The aforementioned blend of both strings and synth really gives this track a grand feeling. The production utilises clever string lines, bumping synth patterns and large, echoing drums. Cascading guitar lines after the chorus help add to the gravity of the emotive lyrics. 

A stunning track that points to real growth both sonically and lyrically since their previous album was released, ‘Living In The Grey’ only adds to the hype of January 13th of next year, when the full-length LP is finally released.  

Dan Jones 

Image: ‘Living in the Grey’ Official Single Cover 

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