Thursday, December 08, 2022

Fat Cat Affair Releases Romantic New Single ‘Up At Dawn’ Featuring Clay Agnew

Fat Cat Affair has released a soulful and ethereal new single ‘Up At Dawn’, featuring Clay Agnew. This song is a beautiful pop-ballad about the infatuation a person feels waking up next to a lover. With an early 2000s feel to it, it’s sure to have every listener sighing sweet sighs.

Fat Cat Affair is a multi-instrumentalist who has travelled the streets of many cities of Europe cloaked in mystery. Skilled in many genres, including R&B, jazz and pop, they manage to release music that appeals to the masses.

The track is pure romance – inspired by Fat Cat’s travels around Europe, it is about finding purpose and finding inspiration in a person, whilst falling in love with the moment. While this song came from a very personal experience, anyone who has been in love, even for a moment, will find something to relate to in this song.

As mentioned, the build of the song has elements that harken back to the early 2000s or late ‘90s. Between Agnew’s slightly R&B, smooth performance style, the stripped back guitar, the riffs and licks, and the piano accents, this song is an unintentional time machine. It brings listeners back to a time of glitter clips and platform flip flops, where pop ballads were at their prime.

‘Up At Dawn’ has struck a nice balance between a sparse mix and enough elements to keep the listener interested and engaged. Leading with a nice rhythm guitar, the song continues to build on itself with vocals as smooth as honey, piano flourishes and excellent guitar licks. The melody is catchy and simple with surprising minor shifts which add texture and mystery. The bridge adds contrast with a heavy electric guitar followed by a wailing guitar solo. While this contrast is definitely surprising, it is not an unwelcome turn and adds yet another layer of texture.

For all the lovers out there, ‘Up At Dawn’ is out on all streaming platforms now.

Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Up At Dawn’ Official Single Cover

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