Thursday, December 08, 2022

Circa Waves consider the future of the young in the loaded track ‘Carry You Home’

Indie legends, Circa Waves have us enthralled in their latest reflective track ‘Carry You Home’ ahead of the release of their fifth studio album ‘Never Going Under’ on January 13. 

Written and produced by lead vocalist and guitarist, Kieran Shudall, the song's primary focus is on the love between father and son over a feel-good beat, reminiscent of blissful summer days. The lyrics offer an insight into what most younger adults are thinking: how is this world liveable for our future children? The lyrics “I’m supposed to be Superman / But I just cried in my hands” deliver this message perfectly. 

Carry You Home’ explores the terrifying reality of wanting to help this world, to make it a better place for those that you love. However, if you are not “Superman”, then all you can do is become a bystander to the crime; “God loves a trier / And I watch the world fall”.

The lyrics offer much to decipher, but the crisp indie beat that is all too familiar with Circa Waves’ style gives us the most interesting take on the story being told. If this was someone else’s song, the lyrics would have probably been accompanied by a soft guitar and ballad-type sound. Circa Waves put their own spin on the track by partnering meaningful lyrics with the sounds of fast-paced drums, dazzling synthesizers and an effervescent chorus. Perhaps the sound is an implication of the joy Shudall has of being a dad. 

Along with the new track, Circa Waves released a haul of dates for intimate shows at the beginning of the new year, playing in popular small venues such as Kingston Pryzm and Cavern Club in their hometown of Liverpool. 


Georgia Eyles 

Image: ‘Carry You Home’ Official Single Cover


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