Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Suki Waterhouse Has Released Spellbinding New EP, ‘Milk Teeth’

Just when everyone thought she couldn't get any more enchanting, Suki Waterhouse bewitches us all with her ethereal new offering: ‘Milk Teeth’.

A heartfelt collection of her previous work, the EP follows some comfortingly familiar narratives along with the newest track, ‘Neon Signs’, in which we follow an unapologetically strong female who knows exactly what she wants… a sucker punch of girl power with just a hint of hopeless romance. 

The artist has seen major success recently with the release of her ground-breaking new single ‘Nostalgia’, as well as her incredibly crafted debut album earlier this year, and not to mention her tour with Father John Misty – the alternative music icon is only getting better.  Raw, honest, and devastatingly heart-wrenching, ‘Milk Teeth’ represents the exact style and tone that embodies Suki Waterhouse: A woman who fiercely expresses her emotions without fearing what others think. The collection of work pays homage to her beginnings and showcases the unfiltered emotional depth of her writing exquisitely. As we see the artist evolving and moving with the times and stepping into a new era of her career, the acknowledgment of the voice of her previous work is well-timed and makes the release that much more heart-warming. Interesting as it follows on from the release of ‘Nostalgia’, as if the artist is reflecting directly on times gone by before stepping gracefully into times anew. 

Featuring five tracks of her earlier work that boast the usual heady and intoxicating melodies that we are used to from the artist, we are introduced to themes such as love loss and destruction throughout the project. 

Tracks ‘Valentine’ and ‘Brutally’ offer a sense of painful vulnerability and expose a softer side to the project with lyrics such as: “I know I’m In trouble when I start looking back on memories that don’t belong to me” and “Seems to me it's over, I'll get used to it eventually, over and over again brutally”, as well as “Beneath my smile my thoughts run wild though I try my best I can’t forget my past”.

Directly contrasted with the punk rock urgency of ‘Neon Signs’, where we see the artist embodying a whole other side, one illuminated with neon lights and filled with thick smoke and late-night drinking in bars. ‘Coolest Place in the World’ seduces us with its graceful melodies and siren like tones, seemingly presenting as a lullaby but with distinctly darker undertones. With lyrics such as “Every blessing has a scar… Love is held in the cathedral...” and “Humans fuck up more than anyone else”.

‘Good Looking’ had already become a firm favourite long before its appearance on ‘Milk Teeth’ with its dramatic storyline, crashing symbols and epic vocals only adding to its pure artistry. There's no question that the grungy rock and roll elements paired with the delicate, effeminate and unmistakably hypnotic vocals that we see woven throughout this track makes it a complete masterpiece in its own right. With themes of self-discovery and romance and with standout lyrics such as: “The skyline falls as I try to make sense of it all…”, ‘Good Looking’ entraps the soul from start to finish. 

Amidst the daze of fame, city life and soaring successes, ‘Milk Teeth’ embraces the raw and authentic side to being human in the modern age and all the emotions and complications that come with it. Acknowledging her early years and recognising the bright new direction of her future, ‘Milk Teeth’ is a treasure that reminds us, no matter how imminent our new lives may seem, we must not forget our pasts. 


Felicity Giles  

Image:‘Milk Teeth’ Official EP Cover



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