Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Crawlers creep into Nottingham with their UK tour

Alternative rock band Crawlers make their Nottingham debut at Rescue Rooms and provide Midlander’s with an energetic and charismatic show. 

The four-piece from Merseyside performed all their best songs, including ‘Come Over (Again)’ and ‘I Don’t Want It’ which moved some fans to tears. 

The whole performance was thought out and produced perfectly. From the setlist, to the lights, the fans appreciated every detail. Front woman Holly Minto gave her everything to her performance last night and the crowd thrived from it. Her energy, humour, and love made this show feel very intimate. 

Holly gave her fans heartfelt lyrics, passionate background stories, and warming speeches about mental health and feminism to make fans realise they’re less alone in this scary world. The relatability of the band's songs and stories really made this show unique and one to remember for the hardcore fans aka ‘creepy crawlies’, some of whom were very emotional after the show. 

You could tell the band had put a lot of thought into their tour to really make it special for every person that sees them live. To celebrate the incredible news their new mixtape ‘Loud Without Noise’ made it to number 14 in the midweek official chart, the band surprised concertgoers with a secret signing after the show which just shows how important the fans are to the band. 

During the show, Holly discussed the meanings behind some of the band’s songs. The most emotional part of the night was the performance of the song ‘Hang Me Like Jesus’. Before the song started, Holly explained that she wrote this song during a really hard time in her life and this song describes how she felt in that moment. 

She went on to explain that she was so thankful for the fans for their support to let her, and the rest of the band go on tour and live their dream. She also explained how the band started from nothing and they have worked their way up in the industry thanks to the dedication of their listeners. She went on to perform an angelic, acoustic version of their heartbreaking track which felt very sincere. 

Crawlers have perfected their live set and their stage presence. You could see the love the band members have for each other as well as how much the band love their devoted fans which made this feel like a gig that fans will remember forever. The appreciation, togetherness, and honesty which were a constant throughout the performance made this a perfect experience for dedicated listeners. 

Crawlers UK Tour continues for 3 more dates in Sheffield, Liverpool, and Newcastle before they tour the USA throughout March 2023.  


Alice Mason 


Image: ‘Loud Without Noise’ Official Mixtape Cover

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