Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Sea Girls Are Spectacular In Manchester

On November 26th, Sea Girls played their biggest-ever headline Manchester gig.

With support from Lauren Hibberd, this gig was set to be massive. Sea Girls have been working their way through Manchester venues for years, with the sizes increasing year after year; making this sold-out Victoria Warehouse gig all the more triumphant. 

Lauren Hibberd bounced onto the stage at 8pm, her bright outfit matching her energetic personality. Jumping all around the stage, she played songs from her newly released debut album ‘Garageband Superstar’. She had the audience captivated by her perfect pop performance. 

Sea Girls entered the stage at 9pm sharp, opening with the classic track ‘Damage Done’ - they instantly had the crowd singing back every line from the 2019 fan favourite. They followed up with ‘Lucky’ - a stand out track from their most recent album. 

Shortly after, they played an acoustic rendition of ‘Transplant’ - the first track off their first album. ‘Hometown’ was up next, “this song’s about losing people” singer Henry Camamile introduced. They played through the song with sadness and passion, leaving the audience hanging off of every word sung. 

“This next one is my girlfriend’s favourite song” Henry proclaimed, before leaping into new track ‘Sleeping With You’, the slow song giving the audience a much-needed break from all of the dancing and screaming. ‘Why Won’t You Admit’ followed this; a real crowd pleaser to say the least. Next up was ‘Violet’ - one of the band’s biggest songs. The stage lights turned purple to complement the song, as the band played through the track flawlessly. 

‘Lonely’ was next in the set, one of the band’s saddest and most heartfelt songs. “I get a little bit lonely, when I’m not with you” sang Henry. Simple lyrics, however, you could see on the faces of the crowd just how much the words resonated with them. An equally sad song followed, entitled ‘Sick’ - a song about being tired of living. “I’m sick of being drunk, I’m sick of being sober” Henry sang effortlessly, as drummer Oli Khan kept the pace of the song by drumming a steady beat. 

‘Paracetamol Blues’ was the closing song, before the band returned to the stage for a triumphant three-song encore. Starting with deep cut ‘Daisy Daisy’ which is some of the band’s earliest material. A delicate and heartfelt love song, which was portrayed beautifully live and was an exceptional addition to this set. 

“If you’re in Manchester will you come to my show” sang Henry, as the Mancunian crowd screamed the words back to him with the most emphasis and enthusiasm. ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ is always a crowd-pleaser at Sea Girls' shows, but it’s always that bit extra special when played in Manchester. 

‘Call Me Out’ was the band’s final song, culminating in a huge 20-song set. This gig felt like a big step for this band. Sea Girls’ live shows are ever-growing, and if they continue at the pace they’re at, they’ll be selling out arenas in the very near future. 

Jazz Myatt 


Images: Jazz Myatt

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