Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Emerald Park Teams Up With Hate The Boyfriend and Releases ‘Little Things’

Once known as a much larger outfit, Emerald Park may have shrunk down in its numbers in recent years but is still going strong as a solo act.

Tobias Borelius of the original line-up splits between re-releasing previous tracks, taking the Swedish lyrics, and translating them into English to bring a new breath of life to the Emerald Park discography. To write an abundance of new songs including the most recent and soon-to-be iconic single ‘Little Things’.

Teaming up with musician/producer Carl Granberg, who pens the stage name Hate The Boyfriend, the two let their imagination run wild. ‘Little Things’ is the epitome of indie rock but sprinkles in a hint of pop, creating the perfect balance of the two giving it a unique listening experience.

Opening with a synth effect that mimics a piano-like sound, the overall tune is bouncy creating an upbeat feel. This is then strengthened by the use of repetition in the lyrics, Borelius repeats “if you ever go looking for love” as a reminder to the listener of the little things in life, to keep positive and get back up when the world knocks you down.  

There is a slight contrast with the vocals, showing influence from lo-fi, Borelius’ vocals are very relaxed and feel effortless and this perfectly makes it dream-like and groovy, soothing the listener with each listen. 


What makes ‘Little Things’ such an enthralling listen is how Borelius and Granberg can take Emerald Parks' original sound, keep it at the core of the track but push it further with the use of synths and subtle drums.


‘Little Things’ though a brand-new track, has a sense of familiarity to it that will have the listener reminiscing and tapping along to the addictive melody throughout. A song to play daily, ‘Little Things’ is the perfect accompaniment for someone deep in their feelings or wanting a bit of escapism.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Little Things’ Single Cover

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