Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Roller Derby Release Dreamy New Single ‘Say How Come’

Hamburg trio Roller Derby was formed in early 2020.

The group developed their craft over the lockdown and released their first single by the end of that year, and has kept putting out music for the past two years influenced by dream pop sounds.

Their music focuses on feelings of longing for love and enduring loss with a sense of optimism. The band's latest single ‘Say How Come’ continues this exploration of emptiness telling the story of a relationship that has begun to fade.

The lyrics of this dark and melancholy pop song tell the story of feelings of passion being replaced with distance. The chorus sums up such pain so poetically with “Say how come // I’m always feeling lonely by your side // I swear it’s true you will //never see the teardrops in my eyes” and it’s all disguised in a dreamscape of distorted guitars, synth and flutes and lead singer’s Philine Meyer vocals. Meyer’s raspy and haunting voice is absolutely hypnotizing paired with the explosion of sounds in this track. It allows for the pain of the lyrics to be truly heard and felt by the listener. Manuel Romero Soria on the guitar stands creating a catchy and intense melody that builds as the song progresses until it all fades into the sound of crickets and wind.

‘Say How Come’ is reminiscent of 2010s indie pop sounds, such as The xx or CHVRCHES. Its lyrics are so sweet, poetic and painful but at first listen it is hard to depict due to its beautiful instrumentation. Roller Derby is currently touring through Germany, hopefully they will be working their way to the rest of the world soon. Listeners will fall in love with ‘Say How Come’

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Say How Come’ Official Track Cover

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