Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Beach Bunny Conquer The Ritz

Coming all the way from Chicago, Illinois; Beach Bunny are playing their biggest UK shows to date. After their 2018 single ‘Prom Queen’ exploded on Tik Tok, Beach Bunny have had a fast rise to success. 

This was a pretty early gig, with doors opening at 6pm and the whole gig being wrapped up by 9:15pm. At 7pm Siv Jakobsen, a dreamy pop singer from Norway took to the stage. She played through her half-hour set with charm and grace, with her stand-out track being the latest single ‘Tangerine’. 

Beach Bunny were on at 8, they opened with ‘Dream Boy’; they faced some technical issues throughout this song but carried on professionally. After they had finished that song there was a brief break in the show as singer Lili Trifilio required a new monitor as she couldn’t hear anything but after all was sorted the whole band jumped back in and played track ‘Oxygen’. Shortly after they played ‘Prom Queen’; the song that got them where they are. The whole crowd screamed and almost every person in The Ritz had their phone in the air to record the hit song. 

Beach Bunny’s crowd was evenly made up of excited teenage girls and their dedicated dads; with each squeal of excitement followed by a brief chuckle respectively. 

Then Lili began to tell a story about how she went to the Manchester Christmas markets earlier on in the day. She said about how she got very overwhelmed and started to cry, but then a lady tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she was ok, and that was all that she needed. “If you see somebody upset; ask them how their day’s been. They might really need it” she exclaimed. 

During ‘Love Sick’, a member of the audience gave Lili a sash that said ‘Prom Queen’ on it, she put it on and continued into the next song titled ‘Gone’. 

Next, Lili asked the audience to all raise their hands if it was their birthday. Several people raised their hands and Lili and the audience sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to said people. They followed this up with fan favourite ‘April’, and an acoustic rendition of ‘Rearview’. 

At the end of ‘Sports’ Lili briefly stopped the gig to grab the attention of security as somebody was injured and in need of help. 

They played ‘Cloud 9’ before leaving the stage for a brief encore of the classic track ‘Painkiller’. If this gig proved anything; it’s that Beach Bunny are on the rise and the venues are going to increase rapidly with every visit that they make to the UK. 

Jazz Myatt

Images: Jazz Myatt


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