Friday, November 18, 2022

Punk three-piece Penny Rich confronts empty self-indulgence in latest single ‘Last Meal’

Emerging from Cardiff, Wales three-piece punk band Penny Rich is bringing in the noise of 90’s grunge.

Formed in 2016, bonding over a passion for 90’s music, the trio came together to create music with “cathartic expression” according to their Bandcamp.

The group has been touring along South Wales with other popular punk bands, as well as receiving rave reviews for their performance at Oxjam Festival. Their debut EP from 2018 has also gained momentum recently, earning BBC radio play as they tease the release of their debut album with new single ‘Last Meal’.

The evocative melodies and introspective lyrics of ‘Last Meal’ speak to the deep insecurities that live inside everyone. Opening with a searing guitar, that is reminiscent of early punk, with its slurred screaming vocals and explosive instrumentation. Their sound is similar to classic punk rock bands such as The Damned or Dead Kennedys. As the track confronts insecurities such as doubt and self-indulgence, the anger and pain are heard and felt in lead singer Ant's vocals. There is a sense of release in this track as if confronting it helped release the pain of it all. The lyrics are surprisingly conversational as well, with the repeated lyrics directly asking these feelings “Do you remember me?”, with such familiarity. The honesty of these feelings in ‘Last Meal’ is refreshing for listeners, providing an outlet to scream into a pillow and know they’re not alone.

Penny Rich has spent the pandemic year planning their first studio album; there has yet to be a release date announced, but fans are eagerly hoping for sooner rather than later. Until then the group will continue to energize audiences across Wales.

Hope Orr


Image: Official Penny Rich (Press)

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