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Post-Hardcore supergroup L.S. Dunes impress with debut album, ‘Past Lives’

L.S. Dunes, being a post-hardcore supergroup formed by musicians from Circa Survive, My Chemical Romance, Coheed and Cambria and Thursday, released their debut album ‘Past Lives’ on the 11th of November. While they are all talented musicians in their own right, the album highlights the individual strengths of each member, spotlighting the most important aspect, the music.

Established as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the debut album is filled with references to the struggle that many felt over the past two years. The first track on the album, aptly titled ‘2022’, with other references scattered throughout the album such as the title ‘Antibodies’. However, this is not the whole focus of the album. Seemingly every song takes the listener on a journey focusing on important issues, one of which being mental health struggles.

Stand out songs include the first single released by the band, ‘Permanent Rebellion’, a perfect introduction to the band’s culmination of sound. Fans of each individual band will be able to pick out certain aspects inspired from members’ previous acts, blending together seamlessly to create a brilliant single.

The choice to start the album with ‘2022’ is an interesting choice, being a rather bleak beginning with poignant lyrics such as “If I can’t make it ‘til 2022/ Least we’ll see how much I can take”. The song highlights the struggles that many of us can relate to, having been through the loneliness of lockdown, the nihilism of the song has been directly expressed by lead Anthony Green and can be heard throughout.

The third song on the album, ‘Grey Veins’ is a strong departure from the heavy guitars heard in ‘Antibodies’ and the melody of ‘2022’. While the hardcore influences are present within this song, it is the chorus that stands out to the listener as something catchy that you could easily dance to, before returning to the angst of the verses.

The titular song ‘Past Lives’ takes the listener back to the hardcore roots that the members stem from. With lyrics such as Bury me in the comment section / I belong to this / I hope that you will never have to feel’ words that are topical of today’s social media craving era. The title being that of the album as well signifies an idea of longing to go back to a simpler time when the listener could “Reject the influence”. Although it is perhaps unexpected for the band to take such a stance, the song itself impresses with the drums and guitar flowing melodically with Green’s voice in a way that allows both the music and lyrics to become poignant as one, rather than fighting for the listener’s attention.

Overall, the album is a charismatic debut from a group that clearly has the knowledge and experience to give the fans what they want, all while staying true to their hardcore routes. The band made their debut at Riot Fest this year and will embark on their first UK tour beginning in January 2023.


Georgia Aldcroft

Image: ‘Past Lives’ Official Album Cover

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