Sunday, November 13, 2022

Indie music legend Jamie T rocks Birmingham with the most energetic and lively performance

Jamie T returns to Birmingham with a lively, sweaty, mosh-pit filled gig at the O2 Academy. The indie rock legend best known for songs ‘Sheila’ and ‘Zombie’, gave fans a show that they will never forget as he gives the crowd energy, compassion, and vivacity.  

Apart from a few shows over summer 2022, Jamie hasn’t toured in 5 years, and you could see how important and special the concert and the tour is to him. The thought and attention to detail that Jamie and his team put in to giving concert goers a show they’ve been waiting so long for was obvious and the fans loved every second of the show. The crowd were ready way before Jamie T even came on stage as the excitement and electricity in the room was something extraordinary. Gig goers were chanting his name before the show, between his songs and even after on the way out of the venue. It was so nice to see such dedication from every person in the room and Jamie T deserves it all for making such an iconic concert. 

Jamie T is well known for his hard-hitting lyrics, and his performance of ‘Don’t You Find’ was the epitome of this. The lighting shone red and the eery vocals made this an ethereal live experience. Another emotional moment during the show was during the song ‘Spiders Web’. The crowd were almost as loud as Jamie singing every word back to him. It was a really moving moment seeing how much passion was in the room from Jamie T, the band, and the crowd. 

The setlist choices and order were stunning. Jamie T opened his show by himself with his guitar, no band members, just Jamie. It felt like a very intimate way to start the concert which made a wholesome change from the usual noisy start bands and artists like to make at the beginning of their performances. After the opening track, Jamie and the band gave fans what they came for. Heavy guitar riffs, vibrating bass and of course the unmatched sound of Jamie T’s vocals. Early in the setlist, Jamie performed one of his most famous tunes, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and the whole crowd went absolutely bonkers! The energy Jamie T gave to the fans was completely reciprocated throughout his whole performance. The highlight of the night was the encore. ‘Sticks and Stones’ followed by ‘Shelia’ and then finishing with ‘Zombie’. The power, vitality, and astounding atmosphere these 3 songs created is something that doesn’t happen often at concerts. The whole room felt like it was electric.  

Three words to describe this gig would be intimate, passionate, and active and to experience a concert which felt so warm yet so crazy is something very rare that very few artists/bands can achieve. It was an honour to experience a Jamie T gig, and it is a gig that over 3000 fans at the sold-out show will never forget. Jamie T’s ‘The Theory of Whatever’ tour continues around the UK throughout November.  

Alice Mason 


Image: ‘The Theory of Whatever’ Official album cover  

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