Sunday, November 13, 2022

Adele Shines In the Newly Released ‘I Drink Wine’ Music Video

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Adele has charmed fans with her recent music video for ‘I Drink Wine’.

Nearing the first anniversary of the ‘30’ studio album, the video continues to enrich the soulful glamour that fans initially connected with from the track, amplified through creative, comical, and elegantly choreographed visuals. 

Within a music video filled with sequined gowns, complementary autumnal colours and a songstress travelling on a rubber dingy, Adele manages to captivate the beauty and sorrow of heartache discussed within the both track’s lyrics and the album itself. While the river landscape is an explicit instrument for depicting the evolution and journey of a relationship, it acts as a sun-soaked built environment for the themes of bitterness and grief which are immersed in the lyrics: “Stop tryin’ to be somebody else / So we can love each other for / free / Everybody wants somethin’, you / just want me”

Poignantly, Adele’s persistent questioning of herself and her past relationship feels healing and therapeutic, instead of pessimistic and self-deprecating. Flowers and sequins burst through the video in an array of lights, whilst the singer perseveres and rejoices with a newfound vibrance for the relationship she holds with herself. Laced with humorous acts of throwing wine bottles and drinking throughout the performance, ‘I Drink Wine’ remains a contemporary classic to be immortalised in Adele’s growing discography. 

Alanya Smith


Image: ‘30’ Official Album Cover

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