Saturday, November 26, 2022

Faerie Expands Her Dreamy Universe With New Single ‘Showgirl’

New York-based singer-songwriter Faerie has delivered another fantastical single, the irresistible pop ballad ‘Showgirl’.

Born Christine Lam, this singer has created a reputation for herself with music with a romantic atmosphere. Her 2021 debut EP ‘2am’ showed her collaborating with producer Jonathan Atkins and told the story of a journey to self-discovery and introduced her world of catchy pop-jazz-inspired beats. She has been hard at work with LA producer Matty Bedrosian creating her second EP, expected in 2023. 

‘Showgirl’ is the next stop in this world of fantasy and delight she has created. The song tells the story of recovering from a misogynistic relationship and choosing peace. Even though it’s a slow ballad it doesn’t get weary due to the abundance of personality in the track - it’s easy to love.

Its gloomy lyrics, such as “call me by your favourite name // it’s not my own but I savour it anyway” paired with the vibrant production blend together to create a perfect harmony. The instrumentation is so soothing, mixing classic jazz beats with modern indie pop harmonies she’s practically crooning.

The track expands in sound, starting with only drums and bass and exploding into synth and her sonic vocals. It feels like early Billie Eilish combined with recent The 1975. The song is a total blending of opposites, instinctive lyrics paired with groovy synths, a weary topic with danceable beats, it’s like magic for the ears. Faerie’s ‘Showgirl’ continues her creating an atmosphere for wonder and escapism for her listeners. This track will leave fans eager for her upcoming EP.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Showgirl’ Official Single Cover

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