Monday, November 07, 2022

Daisy Harris’ latest release ‘Wanna Be Your Boy’ will tug at your heartstrings

Daisy Harris is a young Scottish singer who is making her dreams come true all on her own. She has been very busy making music this year, all while attending university in Manchester to study drama. 

Harris has been writing and performing her own music since the age of fourteen and has been blessing the world with her talents.

She released a full-length, hour-long album, ‘Tornado Dreams’  just in April and hasn’t slowed down since.

Her latest single ‘Wanna Be Your Boy’is the second single from her upcoming EP, ‘forest girl rock’, to be released in December. This track is heavily influenced by bedroom pop and contemporary folk but the listener would never think that this was created in a bedroom; the instrumentation showcases a lot of different sounds. It’s heavy on the base and keys, with little hints of some type of horn instrument. It’s definitely structured similarly to a 90s pop song: a countdown in the beginning, a big chorus and a soft almost acapella bridge. 

Harris applies her popular storytelling abilities in her music here to tell the heart-breaking tale of longing to be the man the girl you like is with. The track tugs on the heartstrings with sweet, sad lyrics like “If you’d only let me hold you / I would wear his clothes.” The tune is drenched in saddened envy with lyrics that perfectly match its production. 

Daisy Harris has a talent for poetic imagery in her music that is unlike anyone else.‘Wanna Be Your Boy’ takes listeners on a journey through her heartbreak so vividly, they’ll believe it was happening to them. Fans should definitely mark their calendars for the release of her next EP in December.


Hope Orr


Image: ‘forest girl rock’ Official EP Cover

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