Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Aly & AJ Enter Their New Era: ‘With Love From’

Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka, two sisters from Torrance, California, known as Aly & AJ have released their new single ‘With Love From’ in anticipation of their fifth album. Their new album, under the same name of the title track, will be released in 2023.

The sisters were signed as teenagers back in 2004. They not only have an extremely successful music career, but both have notable acting credits to their name. Aly & AJ’s earlier music transports listeners back to the early noughties, especially for those who grew up watching Disney Channel.

The release of their third album ‘Insomniatic’ plummeted them to fame with songs like ‘Potential Breakup Song’ and ‘Like Whoa’. They changed their band name to 78violet in 2009, before returning to what they’re now known as from their 2015 musical comeback.

'With Love From’ is quite different to the music they’ve released in the past, it also may feel more personal to listeners. The song’s narrative follows some sort of existential identity crisis, wherein the narrator has moved away and is recalling past memories. It’s more subdued than their previous eighties-inspired pop tracks, yet arguably more powerful, especially in the bridge, “Looking for answers, hoping to find me / Flirt with the moment, just to ignore it / I’m getting nervous, thinking about it / Why must we always live in a panic?” It’s an alternative pop anthem about getting older, which many listeners are sure to always relate to.

The duo wrote on their Instagram, “Wherever this song may find you. We hope it finds you well.” They are currently about to embark on a small UK tour after touring the U.S. since April. Is ‘With Love From’ a successful start to what seems like a new era?

Sienna Norris 


Image: ‘With Love From’ Official Single Cover

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