Saturday, October 22, 2022

Witch Fever Unveil New Doom Punk Single, ‘Beauty and Grace’

Mancunian doom punks, Witch Fever have just unveiled ‘Beauty and Grace’, the 4th track they have released ahead of their debut album, ‘Congregation’. The single follows the previous singles, ‘Blessed Be Thy’, ‘I Saw You Dancing’ and title track ‘Congregation’.’ 

Beauty and Grace’ is a fierce and empowering track. It is filled with punk-riddled rage and mighty, heavy guitar riffs, accompanied by furious lyrics which ignite fury and all-consuming urge to put the world to rights in the listener. The single is all about snarling feminist putdowns, and discusses the beauty standards that are set for women: I’m beauty / ‘I’m grace / Forsaken by Christ / I’m losing my faith”.

The lyrics are heavily inspired by lead singer Amy’s experience of growing up in a Charismatic Church as a child, and references to the idea that historically there was often shame placed on women’s bodies. In fact, the band's name is a reference to witch trials which took place throughout Europe, Salem and Massachusetts. 

According to the band’s Facebook, ‘Beauty and Grace’ is the dark horse of the album, and “is a song about pushing back against oppressive feminine beauty standards whilst also finding a place in femininity that makes you feel powerful.

There is a lyric video that accompanies the track for those that wish to better understand the lyrics, or shout them out.

The quartet are certainly not afraid to speak their mind, and are set to push the boundaries of the sound of punk. There is no doubt there will be more where that came from on ‘Congregation’, a thirteen track record,  which will be released on 21st October via Music For Nations.

Rosie Morrison 
Image: ‘Beauty and Grace’ Official Single Cover

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