Saturday, October 22, 2022

Priestgate warn us ‘Some Things Never Change’ in their first single since EP release

If you like your rock a little harder and heavier, Priestgate are a band that should be on your radar. The Yorkshire five-piece may be relatively new to the scene, but they have already made a reputation for themselves with their intense live shows, charismatic stage presence (think a mix of Strange Bones and a young Iggy Pop), and their powerful sound–imbued with dirty guitars and full-bodied, dark vocals. 

Their debut EP, ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’, was released last March and firmly established them as one of the most intriguing new voices in UK alternative music. Now they are back with their first new music since the record’s release, and the result is both unexpected and enticing. It displays a notable growth in complexity while staying loyal to the trademarks of their already well-developed artistic voice.

Some Things Never Change’ may punch less hard than previous Priestgate tracks in terms of sound, but it certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to weighty lyrics. The tracks engages with the experience of formative years lived on the edges of society, away from the places where things happen. It is a vivid depiction that could resonate with many listeners – especially from working class backgrounds – who may well have had similar experiences. The raw emotion of the words is powerfully delivered through vocalist Rob Schofield, who takes the chance to demonstrate the full extent of his range on a track that is musically less dirty than the band’s previous work. It is reminiscent of early Smiths, as well as some tracks by Walt Disco (for a more recent comparison) – the latter of which Priestgate supported on their recent UK tour.

There is also a bit of New Wave to be heard in the broader, slower, thicker sound of this song. Priestgate’s immediately recognisable scratchy guitars blend in with rippling waves of synth and an urgent, pressing bass line. The band’s flirtations with punk are also still heard – not only in the vocals, but in the way the drum sections are constructed and how the track manages to maintain a sense of urgency, leaving the listener on edge while also offering easy opportunities to sing along. The end result is deeply emotional and contemplative. It bursts into an expression of raw emotion on the chorus, showing that Priestgate are capable of engaging with more complex and challenging sounds while maintaining the same emotional highs they have become well-known for.


Chiara Strazzulla


Image: ‘Some Things Never Change’ Official Single Cover



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