Sunday, October 02, 2022

We Are Scientists Talk The Perils Of Unclear Communication On New Single 'Operator Error'

Indie darlings We Are Scientists capped off 2021 with a bang via their latest full-length LP release 'Huffy'A project that saw the band infusing the angular post punk riffs of their debut effort with the no-wave and dance-pop of their most recent releases, it was all tied together with front man's Keith Murray trademark witticisms, confrontational lyrics, and insanely infectious choruses.

Coming off the heels of such a highly acclaimed release, their recent single 'Operator Error' finds a notably big The Killers-eque indie rock pocket to squirrel itself into while delivering on all the aggrieved, indie rock goodness this band knows how to do best. 

The track kicks off with a descending synth line over percussive shakers, building into the introduction of the bass and vocals with the line, "I could foresee it from a mile away / This whole uncommon disaster / You think it's bad now, oh man, why don't you wait? / You won't believe what comes after". From there, the chorus goes on to highlight struggles of interacting with someone who doesn't know how to be discreet with sensitive information: "Cut the shit, enough of this / Do you believe me? Don't pretend to doubt it / All this said in confidence / If you can't keep a secret, just keep quiet”. 

A tremolo-picked guitar interlude over a bouncing bass and synth groove leads into the second verse. Here the lyrics further elucidate details of the unsavoury antagonist’s character, stating that they pretend to understand the narrator's jokes when they clearly don't and reveal that in the way they talk about it afterwards. The final sections of the song then take turns trading off between the chorus and this half time, electro pop bridge with beautifully captivating harmonies before the track’s conclusion.

All in all 'Operator Error' is another home run from a group who seldom seem to miss. A great danceable, sing-along indie rock, the track is perfect for fans of acts like The Cribs and The Futureheads, and is definitely worth a spin.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Operator Error' Official Single Cover

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