Saturday, October 01, 2022

5SOS Return With New Single ‘Bad Omens’ From Fifth Studio Album '5SOS5'

Mixing instrumental depth with striking clarity, Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) have released their new single 'Bad Omens' from their latest album '5SOS5'.

The band’s previous album 'Calm', released in 2020, was met with huge success and popularity and has been praised by fans and critics alike for its demonstration of the group’s musical growth and maturity over the course of their career.


'5SOS5', in a similar way, proves the band have come far from the charming simplicity and floppy hair of their boyband image back in 2011. On the album, listeners are treated to an immersive and considered sonic experience, whilst still retaining the feeling of heady pop-punk and pacey instrumentals that first launched the band to fame.


'Bad Omens' is the third track on the album and boasts impressive electronic and lyrical depth. 5SOS layers powerful metronymic drums with guitars and a piercing vocal clarity, all of which contributes to the overall sentiment of the song - pain and loss.


Lyrically, the release is powerfully simplistic: “These bad omens, I look right through them / That’s what you do when you love somebody”. The song is all about knowing a situation is bad for you, but longing for it anyway, a message which is not too far removed from tracks such as 'Amnesia' from their first album '5 Seconds of Summer', which was released in 2014. It is comforting to know that, although 5SOS have matured and grown considerably over the last eleven years, the essence of the band still remains.


'Bad Omens' sheds light on the end of a relationship that an individual has anticipated, but is nevertheless not prepared for. Unable to accept the relationship’s conclusion, frontman Luke Hemmings opens the song with the lines, “So this is where I am / Hanging on a feeling”, an experience which is poignantly relatable to listeners, and so aids the sense of transparency and honesty that pervades through the album as a whole.


5 Seconds of Summer now prepares for their upcoming Australian tour in November, details of which can be found at their official website, before hopefully touring their new album worldwide. 

Isobel Reeves

Image: ‘Bad Omens’ Official Single Cover

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