Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Hunna are unapologetically themselves with their new release, ‘Apologies’

The Hunna’s fourth studio album is set to be released next week and with their other singles ‘Fugazi’, ‘Untouched Hearts’ and ‘Trash’ creating a lot of hype for their new self-titled album, they have released one final track to keep fans ticking over in the meantime, titled ‘Apologies’

The distorted guitar-riff intro bears resemblance to that of punk royalty, Green Day, who the band clearly draw an influence from with their sound. This heavier, rockier sound runs through each track that has been released from the album so far, suggesting that The Hunna may be foreshadowing a slightly different sound to their previous albums with their upcoming self-titled release. 

The lyrics to the track tell the story of being a third party in the breakdown of a relationship between two people: the verse opens with “I just got a weird message / From a guy I've never met him / He's telling me I'm gonna get it / 'Cause I took his girl, it's so pathetic”. Listeners are immediately thrown into this whirlwind of a story that is nothing but drama and jealousy from the get-go. To add further fuel to the fire, the chorus leads in with “I didn't mean to make you cry / And I do apologize / But you, you make me wanna die / I can hear you telling lies”.

The music video acts as a nod to the pop-punk powerhouses that came before, such as Weezer and Bowling for Soup. The music video sees the band performing the song together in a garage, much like Bowling for Soup in their video to ‘1985’. As the band went back to their roots of writing together in their homes for this album, it seems only fitting to create a video that mirrors the real-life behind this project. 

All in all, with the release of this track The Hunna have made one thing perfectly clear: they’re back and better than ever and this new album is not one to be missed. 

Shannon Gillespie

@shannongillespie / @shangillmusic

Image: ‘Apologies’ Official Single Cover

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