Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Marcus Quiron Is Back With His Brand-New Single ‘Filet Désert’

French-Canadian singer/songwriter Marcus Quirion has just released his latest single ‘Filet Désert,’ a track that is made up of infectious drumbeats, and a catchy melody that helps emphasise the overall theme of pursuing happiness.

Originally from Coaticook, Canada, Marcus Quirion is known for working poetry into his music. His songwriting process consists of starting with the music itself, letting it grow and develop organically and then writing the lyrics to fit the tune. This was the exact case for ‘Filet Désert,’ where a single guitar riff was composed and created the title of the track. This process has paid off incredibly well, showing off his talents.

Singing entirely in the French language, Quirion focuses on his own experiences. Telling others how he has faced these issues head-on, getting through to the other side. This strong message is elevated by the funky bass line played throughout, creating a rhythm that oozes a sense of optimism that draws the listener in. Even if you don’t speak French, the catchiness of this track will have you humming and singing along to the chorus with ease, hitting the replay button.

Following a heart-pumping tempo, all the elements in ‘Filet Désert’ work together in harmony. What Marcus Quirion is able to do is show a high level of attention of detail that with each listen comes a new experience. All the riffs, and drumbeats are intertwined with different sound effects, which are perfectly complemented by the vocals resulting in a surreal listening experience.

Marcus Quirion has created a standout track, toying around with the pop genre, drawing in the listener with highly addictive hooks that will stick in your mind for hours after the music stops. Currently working on his fourth album, there is no doubt that ‘Filet Désert’ is an exciting insight to the next chapter of Marcus Quirion’s career and artistic talents.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Filet Désert’ Official Single Cover

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