Thursday, October 13, 2022

Saint Celebrity release head-banging new single ‘Over U’

The incredibly catchy ‘Over U’ is the latest effort by Bristol-based Pop-Rock band Saint Celebrity. Featuring early naughties-esque guitar lines, snare-filled drum lines, and rumbling bass, this latest cut is bound to get stuck in the listener's head in the best way possible. 

Reminiscent of the pop-rock releases of the early 2000’s, heavy electric guitar is the backbone of this track, featuring in both the backing and lead. The intro starts with punchy drums, as the vocals and other instruments are faded in.

We hear the aforementioned guitar and bass kick in at the same time as the vocal, creating an explosion of sound and setting the tone for the rest of the over three minutes and thirty second run time.

Lyrically this is a classic bitter break-up song. Suiting the fast, hard sonic approach the lead vocalist croons about already being over their most recent lover in the chorus: You said I’m the right guy at the wrong time / You said I should get to the back of the line / Sorry I haven’t got back to you / I’m already over you"

This is Saint Celebrity’s fifth single release, and looking at their body of work it seems they are collecting a really decent group of songs that are only getting better and more polished with each new release. 


Dan Jones 

Image: ‘Over U’ Official Single Cover

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