Thursday, October 13, 2022

iHateJon unearths a soothing yet poignant and powerful piece of music

Jon, otherwise known as iHateJon is an emerging Hip-Hop artist hailing from Shelby, North Carolina. His sound takes inspiration from a variety of artists such as Kid CudiMac Miller, and Lil Peep to name a few. 

His latest single ‘Wake Up’ arrives off the back of recent successes such as ‘U’‘See No Evil’, and ‘Purple Açai’. 

The record commences with a seducing guitar melody before the beat kicks in to drive the first verse forwards. The first line ‘’The way I wake up makes me question my existence’’ sets the tone for a song that appears to question one’s purpose in life after what has been an extremely turbulent, volatile, and detrimental era for so many people in iHateJon’s generation.  

The second verse ‘’It’s like my soul moved away and just left my body empty’’ reaffirms the dejection and deflation that so many around the world will be able to resonate with on a personal level. The music combined with layered vocals is soothing and helps the listener to heal emotional wounds inflicted in recent times. 

The delicate balance between dynamics along with the transitions in between sections seems to flow without any friction whatsoever. 

After a short yet captivating instrumental outro, the song eventually cuts out to leave the listener with an overwhelming sound of silence that is hard to replicate. His latest offering has already received a warm reception in his home country as well as across the pond.

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Wake Up' Official Single Cover

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