Monday, October 24, 2022

Pond Release an Epic EP ‘Live at the BBC’

Psychedelic rock band Pond released a special EP featuring 4 songs from their most recent album ‘9’. Pond formed in 2008 in Perth, Australia and since then, they have released 9 studio albums, and 1 live album. They have toured the world performing at festivals as well as their own shows.  

Pond is often associated with Tame Impala as members of both bands are long-time friends and colleagues. Kevin ParkerCam Avery, and Julien Barbagallo (members of Tame Impala) left Pond to focus on their own project, while Pond frontman Nick Allbrook left Tame Impala in 2013 to pursue his career with PondParker continued to produce music for Pond until 2020. You can find similarities in both bands’ music with their iconic synth notes and kaleidoscopic vocals. 

The first song featured on the EP, ‘Take Me Avalon I’m Young’, opens the record with those soothing vocals and groovy bass chords. The track gradually builds up both in tempo and volume which makes this a great song to listen to with headphones to experience the track’s full atmosphere. The drums, piano, and guitar have been recorded live for this EP, making the instrumentals shine through. 

‘Human Touch’ is the second song on the EP and it’s obvious that this is a song made to be played live. The head-bopping sound the band is making with their upbeat keyboard playing makes this a heavier and punchier Pond track compared to others. You can really hear a Rolling Stones inspiration in this song too. 

‘Human Touch’ blends nicely into the third song from the EP – ‘America’s Cup’. There is an 80s touch to this song, with the deep bass opening the track. ‘Human Touch’ could be on any other of Pond’s albums because it has all the aspects of that original Pond sound. The jazzy synth and catchy rhythm make it a perfect example of what Pond is all about. 

The final track from the EP, ‘Toast’, is the perfect song to be played at sunset on a beach. They even mention this with the lyrics ‘‘we applaud the setting sun’’. The instrumental pieces glue the whole track together, from the soft drumming to the keyboard-based finale. The ending of this song has been produced perfectly, and the live version really gives body to the track. 

All the songs on this EP have been chosen and ordered perfectly to make a remarkable record. It’s so exciting to hear these songs featured on the album ‘9’, performed with such depth and atmosphere. Throughout their career, they have produced excellent studio albums as well as been able to create the feeling you experience at their live shows into their live albums. This EP really shows that Pond is an all-around insanely talented band. 


Alice Mason 


Image: ‘Live at the BBC’ Official EP Cover

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