Monday, October 24, 2022

Bruce Springsteen Charms With Cover Of Commodores’ Classic ‘Nightshift’

Having already immortalised his presence in the effusive energy of contemporary rock and roll, Bruce Springsteen has transferred his talents into a new album covering the greatest melodies of soul. 

Teasing the release of ‘Only The Strong Survive', Springsteen shared a track to introduce fans to his new warming vocals covering sixties and seventies classics; his rendition of Commodores’ ‘Nightshift’.

The rock star’s reimagined version of the tune maintains the original’s charismatic essence which made it a hit on its 1985 release. With the lyrics namely labelling deceased music legends Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson being on "Heaven’s nightshift”, Springsteen preserves their delicate beauty by sustaining the welcoming and inviting melodies shared by the Commodores and their influencers. In covering a song which is deeply rooted in the soundtrack of many soul fans, Springsteen capably carries the torch which these artists held as trailblazers of their genre, reintroducing and celebrating their music for a new generation of listeners.

Touching on themes of love, loss, and bereavement, the lyrics of the track poignantly describe reflections on the death of a friend and inspiration and are enamoured with awe of the strength of cultural legends: “Gonna be some sweet sounds / Comin’ down, on the nightshift / I bet you’re singing proud / Oh, I'll bet you’ll pull a crowd”. Set to the backdrop of glowing soul chords, Springsteen’s predicated raspy vocals reassert Nightshift’ as a shining jewel in the crown Motown has in music royalty.

Bruce Springsteen’s album ‘Only The Strong Survive’ is set to be released by Columbia Records on 11 November. 

Alanya Smith


Image: ‘Only The Strong Survive’ Official Album Cover 

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