Saturday, October 08, 2022

Oh Wonder Share Intimate New Single, ‘Can We Always Be Friends?’

London-based alternative-pop duo Oh Wonder, comprised of Josephine and Anthony Vander West, invite fans to join them in a raw, personal, and honest exploration of their relationship dynamic in their latest single, ‘Can We Always Be Friends?’ 

Being so well-known for their soft, mellow, and simultaneously catchy music, the pair definitely did not disappoint with this latest release.

A song that encapsulates feelings that are otherwise hard to articulate, yet so universally experienced by romantic and platonic couples alike, ‘Can We Always Be Friends?’ leaves its listeners pondering the very same question. 

With the Vander Wests being so open about their own experiences in breaking up, and then finding their way back to one another again, the track acts as an ode to anyone that has found themselves in a similar situation.


The song begins with lyrics that are akin to the notion of a relationship being all-encompassing: “Holy, look at all this light that I give you / You’re shining like the top of a tower / Holy, look at all this life that you give me / I’m shining like I found all my power.” Immediately, it feels like an anthem of complete vulnerability in wondering whether friendship will remain in place of romance.


Moving to the chorus, the duo begin to explore this duality of wanting to remain in one another’s life while also knowing that it might be a futile, forlorn hope: “So can we always be friends? / We’ve got too much love / Can we always be friends? / Too much love, too much love. / You and me together / Together till the end.” Being a short track of less than three minutes, these simple, bittersweet lyrics become at once easily memorable and easily relatable.


‘Can We Always Be Friends?’ is to be featured on Oh Wonder’s forthcoming album, ‘22 Make,’ out on 7th October 2022. It is the second half of the ‘22’ double album, accompanying the ‘Break’ half that was released in late 2021. Fans can anticipate the duo’s relationship narrative come full circle; as the first-half of the album explored heartbreak, the second half will steer more towards the rekindling of their relationship.


Will you be listening to Oh Wonder’s new album? 


Sophia Di Maida


Image: ‘22 Make’ Official Album Cover


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