Saturday, October 08, 2022

Dayglow experiments with intelligent production style on new single ‘Second Nature’

Needing no introduction, indie pop icon, Dayglow,  has carved out a niche for himself by blending elements of various genres to create an infectious and warming discography. 

His latest single ‘Second Nature’ is his third release before his upcoming album titled ‘People in Motion’.

The song clearly takes influence from the likes of Daft Punk in terms of the simple synth patterns that are slowly built and layered as the track moves forward. It has a funky and electronic edge that is further emphasised with the use of distortion towards the backend of the song. Repetitive chord progressions are gradually warped which adds depth to keep the momentum moving, this is also paired with a similar effect on the vocals. The line delivery is melodic which emphasises the production style, almost hypnotic but never seeming stale.

The lyrics are somewhat meta, comparing love to “the rhythm that keeps on repeating”. Not only is the production a stylistic choice, but it also reflects the emotion he wants to convey lyrically too. It’s a clever take on conveying subject matter to the listener, showing Dayglow’s intelligence when it comes to exploring the depths of emotions. 

Dayglow continually refines and explores his own approach to music. His distinguishable sonic brand is comforting but he never plays it too safe. This track is playful but a very smart take on a topic that needs a refresh and it has certainly been given one here.


Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘Second Nature’ Official Single Cover

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