Wednesday, October 05, 2022

LIFE Craft An Energetic Love Letter To Hull On New Single 'Hull Sky'

Though originally based in California, post punk three-piece LIFE  composed of members Moises JuarezMatthew McEwan and Sean Chapman — have been pulling a lot of creative inspiration from the port city of Hull while crafting their most recent set of releases. 

One need look no further than the follow-up to their warmly received 2022 full-length effort ‘North East Coastal Town’ to see the full breadth of finely crafted indie rock tracks that this new creative path has birthed; detailing their experiences of love, loss, and friendship in the town,.

Their most recent single ‘Hull Sky’ sees the band keeping with this newfound tradition, while taking a comparably more direct approach to it. While opting to reminisce on the experience of walking around the city with a loved one, staring at the sky and revelling in the warmth and excitement of those experiences in a more lyrically direct fashion, the group still retain their signature indie-rock edge musically.

The track springs to life with an energetic guitar riff that becomes the mainstay of the verse sections, before being accompanied by an equally animated bass and drum groove under the opening lines: “Shit out of luck once again, sunburns the Hull wash sky / You know you, walk by my side”. The latter half of that chorus becomes an infectious chanted refrain bookending a majority of the verses, while the rest of the lyrics paint a picture of two people lamenting the weather, enjoying one another's company and moving around the city: “Lay back, rest your head on my fire / You are always on my mind”. Guitars, drums, and bass all frantically dance around this sonic and lyrical landscape in a high octane fervour. 

‘Hull Sky’ is a poignantly immersive, roaring rocker of a dedication to a quiet life in Hull. This track is sure to appease fans of acts like Greta Van Fleet, The Black Keys and Jack White; as well as being a worthwhile addition to any heavier playlist, found alongside their other most recent single ‘Shipping Forecast’ on an EP of the same name.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Shipping Forecast' Official EP Cover

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