Thursday, October 06, 2022

Gus Dapperton Joins Easy Life to Defrost Fans on ‘ANTIFREEZE’

Leicester-formed alternative indie band easy life has returned with a new single featuring New York indie pop artist, Gus Dapperton, entitled 'ANTIFREEZE'.

The single precedes their album to follow, ‘MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…’, due to be released on the 7th of October. The group frequently write songs with issues of identity and mental health. They are famous for releases like ‘Sangria’, a duet with Arlo Parks, and ‘daydreams’, which samples Aretha Franklin's timeless ‘Day Dreaming’.

This makes Dapperton (real name Brendan Patrick Rice) a perfect partner for collaboration for the band, as some of his most successful releases, such as ‘First Aid’, deal with similar themes.

The new single, ‘ANTIFREEZE’, opens with Dapperton lamenting about someone and asking them to stay with him by using various water-themed metaphors to illustrate the significant effect they have on him. easy life lead singer Murray Matravers takes over for the chorus as the song changes to reflect the darker side of the other person in the relationship, and how their dynamic changed because of this: “One minute you wеre saying we werе best mates, sharing toothpaste / And the next minute I'm really thinking fast / 'Cause your words leave scars like an Uzi”. This once idyllic relationship or friendship has soured, and the song’s lyrics reflect this incredibly well. Both artists bring the respective talents they have shown many times.

The song’s accompanying music video follows Matravers and Dapperton in an ice-cream van, with images of bottles of antifreeze. The shots are edited in easy life’s trademark aesthetic (particularly evoking imagery used in the Arlo Parks collaboration). Following scenes of Matravers sitting amongst many electric fans, the edited material takes over, forming an impressive collage sequence, rivalling masterpieces such as Blondie and Joan Jett’s political romp of a video for ‘Doom or Destiny’.

It’s clear that the album release of ‘MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…’ is going to be one to watch out for, as will any future releases by Dapperton and easy life themselves. 

Finn O’Callaghan-Doyle


Image: ‘ANTIFREEZE’ Official Single Cover

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