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5SOS reflect the range of emotions in life beautifully in new album

5 Seconds of Summer, commonly shortened to 5SOS, have been releasing incredible music for over 10 years and seem to outdo themselves each time. 

Recently, the pop-rock band has provided fans with a new album titled ‘5SOS5’ which highlights the growth and development of their sound throughout the years. 

With nineteen tracks, the album was created by the band themselves and showcased their ability to be intimate with their music. 

The first song is ‘COMPLETE MESS’ and brings with it a very nostalgic and airy vibe. The track itself has a fairly slow tempo, thus creating a calm and joyful atmosphere within the record and allows listeners to be drawn into the effects of being in love. The lyric “You make me complete” demonstrates the positivity that love brings, alongside the fulfillment many people experience in a relationship. Following on from that, we hear ‘Easy for you to say’; a song continuing this nostalgic feeling but adding a more uplifting beat with a heavier reliance on drums. It ends abruptly, almost mirroring how opinions and desires can change within society in a split second; an incredibly clever action from the band. 


As the collection continues, the band perform the single ‘CAROUSEL’, an incredible moving track that incorporates messages of living freely and happily, whilst acknowledging implicitly the struggles life brings. The lyric “My life’s just a carousel spinning around / I’d pay again just to keep from stopping it now” is accompanied by a gentle, anticipatory beat that, as the record moves along, becomes more dramatic in an effort to encourage fans to appreciate life as it is right now. 


Next up are songs ‘Older’‘Haze’and ‘You Don’t Go to Parties’. The first of these three is much slower and more intimate throughout, with the consistency of this being a refreshing break from the more dynamic sounds that have come before it. The opening lyrics are repeated throughout the song and read “I don’t wanna get older / Without your head on my shoulder”, a heart-breaking line that demonstrates the true pain a breakup or separation can bring. The record’s intimacy comes from lines such as this; the band allow themselves to be vulnerable to fans and express the distress and anguish life can force people to experience. 


The second of the three is ‘Haze’ and brings a slightly more joyous atmosphere in terms of the beat and structure of the single. It is more upbeat and focuses more on the potential love brings and therefore has a more optimistic vibe. The drums are expressive, sudden and build up beautifully into the chorus whilst the vocals are dynamic and never monotonous. 


The final of the three is the central track ‘You Don’t Go to Parties’and its narrative describes desperation to see someone again contrasted with the inability to do so. The powerful element of hope acts as the epicentre for this; hoping to see somebody again with the lyric “I’m still here in darkness back where we started” enforcing ideas of solitude without that one person. The beat follows the idea of hope, and the guitarists perform parts that add a heartbroken undertone. 


As the second half of the album occurs, ‘Best Friends’ begins and this track really does have listeners smiling from ear to ear. Immediately, the instruments collaborate to create this bright and buoyant sound that the band is so well known for. The boys then touch the hearts of listeners by demonstrating their unbreakable bond with the lyrics “I’ve got the best friends in this place / And I’m holdin’ on”. Friendships are the most important thing in the world, especially in a time where support from others is imperative and the band have captured this incredibly. 


‘Moodswings’ is a tear-jerking track, with the melody reflecting a sadness and hopelessness felt in the hearts of those who are separate from those they love. The chorus alone provides fans with an agonizing feeling of dismay with the line“Without you, I don’t even know myself” accompanied by “I think I need you more than you need me”, a feeling and deadly realisation that many people in long term relationships can relate to. The band incorporates graceful harmonies in their vocals in order to reflect how often these emotions are felt in society.


Showing the group’s amazing dynamic and talent, the final two songs could not be more different from each other. ‘Bloodhound’ has a much more cheerful atmosphere, with a faster tempo and more uplifting undercurrent, accompanied by lyrics of a more encouraging nature. The line “I know my life has just begun”is a prime example of such, as is “We can party till the room is on fire / Spend all our money on our dirty desires”; they demonstrate elation and excitement to see where life may lead to. The bass guitar carries a somewhat repetitive nature that allows listeners to appreciate the contrast of this with the pitch of the vocals, creating a dynamic and expressive sound enjoyed by all. 


As the album draws to a close, a less uplifting and more sombre rack follows, titled ‘TEARS!’; the name itself implies a tearful and upsetting nature. The prominent lyric of “I feel better when I let myself sink deeper, deeper / I feel better when I let myself see clearer, clearer” brings with it this reflection of how society shapes people to believe they are not good enough or must form some sort of barrier around themselves for protection, when in reality this should not the case. To assist in the demonstration of this, the song opens with a solitary noise, before the guitar part begins – listeners are drawn in and almost warned of the dismay the lyrics bring. It ends almost as suddenly as it starts, thus bringing the song full circle and showcasing how easy it is to get stuck in a loop but also how breaking free of that loop can be liberating. In previous records in the collection, the band have shown the importance of enjoying life but also embracing its challenges and this compliments them beautifully. 


Overall, the album is magnificent. It is dynamic, expressive and a reflection of the range of emotions people today feel, thus showcasing how normal it is to have good and bad days. 


Abby Price 


Image: ‘5SOS5’ Official Album Cover


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