Saturday, October 29, 2022

Deep Talk Get Real With Latest Single ‘If I Said I Was Changing’

Known for their thumping melancholy and sinuous melodiesthe alt-pop pair Deep Talk are back with their latest single, ‘If I Said I Was Changing,’ the perfect track for a relaxed and enthralling listen.

Deep Talk is a duo consisting of San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Christina Li and Portland musician Jordan Maslov and is inspired by a range of factors from MitskiTalking Heads, and even the likes of Charlotte Bronte. Though they live over 600 miles from each other, it hasn’t stopped the two from collaborating via online platforms like clockwork, prioritising and allowing themselves to convey a level of vulnerability through their music.

‘If I Said I Was Changing’ from the get-go oozes with experimentation, opening with a simple guitar that is distinct but slightly out of tune, giving the song a laid-back approach, paying homage to 90s slacker rock. Whereas the vocals are clear-cut but have a slight distortion. This contrast works in synchrony and adds a level of competition, battling for the listener’s attention, giving the track a quality that is addictive to listen to.

The tempo picks up as it goes along. Deep Talk combines pulsating indie rock with lo-fi grooves with an added dose of alt-pop flare. Combining these elements creates the perfect juxtaposition of passion and drive versus laid-back and leisurely. All this gives Deep Talk a level of confidence and experimentation to take the music far away from the box.

‘If I Say I’m Changing’ is, no doubt, reminiscent of the 90s, toying with slacker rock but giving it a polished style proving that Deep Talk is not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to their sound. Not only is this track an enjoyable listen, but the talent behind it is also exceptional, and the fact the pair collaborate with over 600 miles between them makes it even more endearing.


Ana Joy King


Image: ‘If I Said I Was Changing’ Official Single Cover 

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