Saturday, October 29, 2022

Atomic Bronco dabbles in ‘Foolish Games’ and plays with indie rock sounds in smooth new single

It is not easy to strike a good balance of retro vibes and contemporary edge, especially in the field of indie rock, where the conventions of the genre entail that so much of what is newly produced is at risk of sounding already heard. 

Atomic Bronco have managed to dodge these risks and deliver a track that is firmly rooted in the most classic of indie sounds while also preserving a catchy, recognisable tune and a vibe all of its own with new single ‘Foolish Games’, a classic tale of unhealthy love set to the atmospheric, immersive background of hazy rock-pop, with cutting vocals and a layering of guitar sound which adds depth to a track that, for its deceptively simple structure, lacks neither impact nor soul.

As the title might suggest, it is a song about a difficult relationship, one of the kind that is both hard to be in and hard to leave, and the back-and-forth evoked by the lyrics is in a way reflected in the way that the track sounds. There is a swaying to it, a pull-and-push, which convincingly channels the indecisiveness of the situation but also, at the same time, makes for a catchy, danceable tune. With roots in both London and Austin, Texas, Atomic Bronco has plenty of suggestions to draw from, and dips into sounds that might not be easily imagined to fit together – and yet, in this track, they do. Listen to ‘Foolish Games’ a couple times and it will be easy to find in it an echo of Richard Ashcroft’s solo work, but also, especially where the vocals are concerned, something of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club circa mid-2000s, and even a hint of Oasis. In contrast to all of the above, the rendition of the track appears more relaxed and laid-back – until the very end, where the reflexive mood dissolves in final sections that incorporate a guitar bridge worthy of the purest classic rock.

Foolish Games’ might be described as a song for the radio: it is the type of easy sound which can be imagined to provide an ideal soundtrack for a long car ride or an early morning commute, energetic enough to be engaging and relaxed enough to be comforting. The way in which it lingers after it’s over, too, its tune easily recognisable already on a second listen while also relying on the easy familiarity which descends from the clever way in which it uses the trappings of indie rock to its advantage, makes it an ideal song for those who listen alone, perhaps reflecting on a past experience not dissimilar from the one described in the lyrics. The easy-to-dance rhythm, on the other hand, makes it easy to imagine as a party favourite, further showing the versatility of a track that places itself squarely within a tradition of indie rock that is still very much alive and evolving.

Chiara Strazzulla


Image: Foolish Games’ Official Single Cover

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