Friday, September 30, 2022

The Backseat Lovers Release the Emotive and Stunning ‘Close Your Eyes’

Bursting onto the scene with a highly rated debut album released in 2019, The Backseat Lovers are back again with Close Your Eyes’, giving us a second glimpse into their upcoming album ‘Waiting To Spill’, which is slated for release on the 28th of October via Polydor Records. 

This over 5-minute-long track has features of what made hits like ‘Kilby Girl’ and ‘Pool House’ so popular and repeatable. 

The Backseat Lovers are brilliant at slowly amping up their songs. This cut’s intro is as primitive as it gets – beginning with a muted guitar and some stunning vocals provided by lead singer, Joshua Harmon. Rolling drums are slowly introduced along with the matching bass, bringing in some punch. Sliding guitar lines help add some fat to the mix, contributing some variety and offsetting the original vocal line. The vocals come and go, as the instruments are allowed to shine throughout. The punchy guitar lines are swapped with punchy chords, as the pace of the tune shifts back to slow and soft. The outro brings ‘Close Your Eyes’ full circle, with some sparse guitar notes allowed to ring out.

Lyrically, both Jonas Swanson and Joshua Harmon sing tenderly about the transition of becoming adults, the relationships with their parents as they make this transition, and the realisations along the way.

It is sometimes difficult to predict what is going to come next with this band, but this latest effort is up there with some of their best. Emotive both sonically and lyrically, this is a highly creative indie rock song that I’m sure their fans will have on repeat right up until their latest LP. 


Dan Jones




Image: ‘Close Your Eyes’ Official Single Cover

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