Friday, September 30, 2022

DOUBLE TROUBLE: High Heavens Release Double Single ‘Life Of A Loan Shark’ and ‘Hundred Bullets’

Stepping away from being in a band and into a duo can be tricky and not something many artists can pull off, but this restructure hasn’t stopped High Heavens. Stepping into their reformation with stride, and confidence, and coming back with a bang with the double-single release ‘Life Of A Loan Shark / Hundred Bullets.’  

Austin, Texas-based High Heavens now consists of members Ernest Salaz and John Mathew Walker. The duo have teamed up with Jeremy Erwin on the keyboard, George Lara and Juan Ramos and Conrad Keely. Creating two solemn yet tasteful tracks that ooze with psychedelic and bluesy edge to exhibit a moodier sound. 

The two tracks give a different take on reacting to what situation life throws at you, the half empty vs half full mindset. High Heavens have demonstrated that they can create two tracks that perfectly orchestrate synths that flow parallels with undistorted treble-heavy electric guitars atmospheric with eerie, baritone vocals.

The first of the two, ‘Life Of A Loan Shark,’ is a fascinating song that uses twinkly synths with a juxtaposing heavy drum beat which, mixed in with John Mathew Walker’s baritone vocals, creates a dreamlike atmosphere. There is a heavy Twin Peaks-like vibe to the track, which is merged with a hint of David Bowie, creating the perfect blend of dark lounge pop meets indie rock. 

'Life Of A Loan Shark' reflects the deficit between our expectations and our reality. High Heavens ideally create an elusive track that immerses listeners into a brand new world, dreary and intoxicating, addressing many people's thoughts. The vocals and lyrics in 'Life Of A Loan Shark' really paint a vivid picture in listeners' minds, giving off a level of gloom mixed in with anticipation as the music progresses. 

Starting slower than the previous track, 'Hundred Bullets' is about an admission of guilt. It is about dodging the karmic boomerang and resignation to eventual atonement. Melodramatic and sad, 'Hundred Bullets' is a thought-provoking track with stunning lyrics that are so vivid in their imagery. A vital example of this would be in the line “There's a hundred bullets meant for me,” the repetition of these lyrics creates an echoing effect and is fitting for an indie film or the perfect theme for Thomas Shelby and his fellow Peaky Blinders.


Solemn, tasteful and story-driven 'Hundred Bullets' brings an on-set of emotions quick through its bluesy edge and John Mathew Walker's incredible vocal range. It transports you into a story that is addictive to listen to. 

The now duo, High Heavens toy with our emotions, creating two stunning tracks that delve deep into a brand-new and immersive world. Dark and gloomy with some hints of light-heartedness, ‘Life Of A Loan Shark / Hundred Bullets’ perfectly capture the attention of listeners taking them on a thought-provoking and entertaining journey to listen to all at the same time.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘The Life Of A Loan Shark / Hundred Bullets’ Official Single Cover

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