Thursday, September 22, 2022

Laura Lizcano Has The Stars In Sight In New Single ‘Major Tom’

Colombian-born and New York living artist Laura Lizcano combines her passions for jazz vocals and soaring arrangements in her newest single ‘Major Tom’. This comes ahead of her highly anticipated album ‘Daughter of the Sea’, which is scheduled for release in mid-October.

It is clear in Lizcano’s work that she finds inspiration in many genres and artists. She sites those such as Norah Jones, Natalia Lafourcade and Caroline Shaw as big inspirations while also gravitating towards pop, folk and contemporary classical genres. ‘Major Tom’ sits at the intersection point between all of her loves, featuring Lizcano’s signature vocals, as well as brassy guitar, piano and, most notably, strings.

As a trained jazz singer, it’s beyond doubt that Lizcano can sing. That being said, she balances her vocal dexterity and range with the necessity to let the song’s lyrics shine. She always pulls back just before the tipping point, so that instead of becoming self-indulgent it leaves the listener marvelling at her vocals.

This single tells a story. Naturally the song’s name alludes to David Bowie’s classic ‘Space Oddity’ but tells the story of the grounded: Major Tom’s wife. She encapsulates feelings of longing, love and the relentless hope that her partner will come back home. Take the following lyric for instance:

“Is it really so strange / To think you might still be alive / I hope you are (x3)”

While not overly metaphorical, paired with her delivery, this lyric stands out in its desperation and desire. It’s a beautiful track for its ability to wrap up relatable emotions in a narrative that isn’t her own (at least on a literal level).

The real key to this track however lies in the arrangement. There is something almost symphonic about it, lying somewhere between a pop song, a contemporary classical piece of music and a film score. All of this heightens the already-present drama of the storyline Lizcano weaves.  

Every element of this track works together beautifully. And hopefully it will be enough to get Major Tom to the ground again. Until he does come to ground though, we have Lizcano’s single, and her approaching album release to look forward to. ‘Major Tom’ is out on all streaming platforms now.

Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Major Tom’ Official Single Cover

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