Friday, September 23, 2022

Knucks and Kwengface deliver a knockout blow with new single ‘Lucious’

The new collaboration ‘Lucious’ from Knucks and Kwengface is a fresh fusion of mellow, conscious lyricism and classic, hard-hitting drill. 

Not wanting to capitulate his work-rate following the release of his third studio album ‘Alpha Place’, Knucks’ new single continues with themes on the album by emphasising self-affirmation from a place of struggle. 

The North-West London rapper has made a significant impact in the UK rap scene since his breakout single ‘Home’ in 2019. The jazz-infused, acoustic-oriented samples paired with the standard rhythmic patterns of 140bpm UK drill, lend his music a distinct sound. HIs thoughtful lyricism and delivery only-served to amplify his unique quality and talent - he demands you to value his words. 

As he has developed, an unapologetic swagger has bubbled to the surface in his raps - ‘Alpha Place’ put this on full display. To link up with an artist like Kwengface at this time probably comes as no surprise. This South London rapper is a pioneer in the UK Drill sound, collaborating with 67Smoke Boys, and Zone 2, to name a few. He comes with a type of aggression, charisma, and high-energy that we’d expect from a Drill veteran. Furthermore, producer Carns Hill - another South Londoner who has numerous credits with Blade Brown, 67, and Kwengface  himself - has laced some deep, hard-hitting 808’s underneath a bouncy, murky string sample. Its not the kind of instrumental we’d expect from a Knucks track.

The resulting impression from all this is that his collaborators are helping him to step into a new sound - one that perhaps brings more energy to the aux cord, but still maintains his bold yet meditative lyricism. 

Will Kemp

Image: ‘Lucious’ Official Single Cover

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